FREE Classes for LIFE System Owners


Approximately every 6 to 8 weeks we offer a FREE LIFE Talk class for all LIFE System owners and practitioners.   This class offers answers to your questions about client support with their issues and concerns; how to grow a practice; sharing of experiences with clients; what is "working" well in our practices; and general troubleshooting any situations a practitioner may be experiencing.


LIFE Talk is open to all owners and practitioners no matter where you purchased your system or how experienced you are with your system. All are welcome.


So, please let us know if you would like to be included in our next LIFE Talk, and we'll be sure your receive our invitation.   We always record LIFE Talk; so if you miss out on being with us "live", we send everyone the recorded LIFE Talk the following morning. We appreciate so very much the positive feedback from these talks as it keeps us all connected as Quantum Biofeedback Practitioners.


To register, please email Linda Hill at [email protected] of your attendance and anyone else who is interested.