B4U is constantly creating classes that will propel practitioners into higher levels of confidence and success! Not only does B4U design these new classes to help meet the 20 ceus required yearly to keep your Biofeedback Specialist designation, they constantly research what is necessary to meet client’s ongoing healthcare needs. Priscilla and Linda are long term biofeedback practitioners that know what it takes to support others at all phases of their career as they have personally experienced the journey and have created successful practices.


Focus Sessions

Each class/Price: $125.00, recorded webinar format

Ceu's: 8 ceus

Handout: One (step-by-step instruction)


1.) Emotional Shift Focus: This supports all functionality of the brain with a special focus on undesired emotional stress. Ideal support for depression, anxiety, restless brain, fear, sleep issues, etc. To sign up, "Click Here"


2.) Nervous Systems Focus: The nerves are linked to all organs/cells of the body, this session reboots all neurological systems. When the nervous systems are balanced, the mental, emotional, and physical body responds. Ideal support for worry, anxiety, exhaustion and sleep imbalances. To sign up, "Click Here"


3.) Immune System Focus: Phenomenal support with the ongoing exposure to germs (virus, bacteria, fungus, etc.) and environmental toxins. Minimal toxicity determines how healthy you will age. Ideal for those with allergies, fatigue, cold/flu-like symptoms and headaches often. To sign up, "Click Here"


4.) Brain Health and Retention: A healthy brain is essential for a healthier body. Brain health and information retention is key to creating. This session supports all parts of the brain, memory, alertness, concentration, intelligence stimulation, focus, learning, retaining information, mental energy and logic.To sign up, "Click Here"


5.) Vaccine Detox Support: Designed to support humans and pets who have had vaccines and boosters. This is also helpful to those who have had vaccines in the past and vaccinosis or vaccines shows up in the LIFE System. It is crucial to support the body to release buildup of toxins from these pharmaceuticals. To sign up, "Click Here"


6.) Present Day Addictions. Great support for those who have created unhealthy habits and addictions. This is a great option for those who may be on a path to creating unhealthy habits and addictions. Very effective with creating confidence and awareness of Self Power. To Sign up, “Click Here


7.) Endorphin Release. Endorphins counteract pain and create a healthy Nervous System and are necessary for healing. This session supports the body release the production of endorphins that have diminished over the years. To Sign up, “Click Here


8.) Supporting the Aging Process. This session supports specific areas of health that creates an undesirable aging process. Premature aging is a sign that the body isn’t handling stress well. Adaptability and resilience to stress so the body can heal itself is the focus of this much needed session! To Sign up, “Click Here


9.) Activating Consciousness. Designed for those who are feeling overwhelmed, numb, uninspired, fatigued, find it challenging to connect to Source. This session reboots the consciousness, for inspiration and reconnecting to yourself. To Sign up, “Click Here


10.) Detox of Chemtrail, Radiation, and Other Environmental Pollutants (for Humans and Animals). This session supports the releasing of environmental toxins that all of us are exposed to daily. To be awake and grow we must release these embedded, old toxins out of the body to feel aligned, maintain health and to experience a healthier future. To Sign up, “Click Here


11.) Family/Group Support. This session supports whole families to become healthier, more cohesive, deal with crisis and feel uplifted from the stress of dealing with shared life issues. Imbalances that show up may be very confirming and yet some surprises may present themselves. Other groups like teams, health support groups, company departments, etc. can receive healing, especially unwanted thoughts and emotions that are present and underlying. By helping a group(s) we can help many more people rise in their frequency thereby helping the world collective become healthy and more conscious. To Sign up, "Click Here".


12.) Highest Frequency Elevation. This session supports all trauma, crisis and stress we've experienced over the last few years, our individual healing frequencies have been impacted showing up as fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress and a whole new mix of underlying issues that the body struggles to deal with. This session will help break an unhealthy stress cycle and give the body a chance to operate in a higher healing state! To Sign up, "Click Here"