"Anti-aging and the LIFE System"

This 90 minute pre-recorder Webinar class will teach you how to be the most effective as a LIFE System Practitioner when it comes to the number one concern that we all have - how to start reversing the aging and disease process. Supporting the body to work though all of the aging factors that lead to a progressive state of poor health is what people are looking for and what you can provide.

We will teach you the verbiage necessary in enrolling your community in energetic balancing through biofeedback. We will also go through the panels in the LIFE System, and show you how to best support your clients that have a strong desire to achieve a higher quality of health in order to create a healthier future. 


This is a must class for all LIFE System Practitioners!

  • The cost for this course is $59

  • This is a 2 CEU NTCB recognized course.

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