Addressing Covid Diagnosis/Symptoms

(18 most common complaints)

This new course is very timely. We assist you in supporting yourselves, family and clients with Covid diagnoses and symptoms. We've identified the most important frequencies for each of the 18 symptoms/diagnosed related illnesses diagnosed. This course will also give you confidence in addressing these issues. Here are the 18 issues we cover in a two-part webinar:     

Covered: Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Heart Palpitations, Thrombosis, Stroke, RDS (Respiratory Distress Syn.), Loss of Taste, Loss of Smell, Chronic Fatigue, Swollen Lymph, Muscle/Joint Weakness & Pain, Immune System Disruption, Systemic Inflammation, Hypoxia, Brain Fog, Cluster Migraines/Headaches, Guillain-Barr Syndrome, Cancer.

We also attach 4 pages of step-by-step instructions for each issue. 

Price: $179, 10 ceus. To Sign up, "Click Here"