Bioenergetics4U Anatomy & Physiology Course


(Pre-recorded Webinar/Teleconference Format) 


B4U is thrilled to offer Anatomy & Physiology to ALL biofeedback practitioners as part of your certification requirement. It does not matter which quantum biofeedback device you own, this course will satisfy your NTCB A&P course requirement. This course is presented in webinar (visual and audio) format to create a level of ease in learning your biofeedback anatomy and physiology.


This A&P course is a 30 CEU NTCB approved course. We will be covering all major systems of the body in webinar power point presentation format. This course is exactly what you need to better understand anatomy and physiology and how it will apply in your biofeedback practice.


This is a pre-recorded five-part 90 minute webinar course, followed by a final examination.


Once you sign up, you will receive an email directing you on how to order your text book.  You will then receive a packet of homework and the 5 links to begin this course. 


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