Biofeedback Certification Requirements

All of our classes meet the NTCB Blueprint Requirements


Step 1

Basic Training, Click Here.


Step 2 

Sign up for your Biofeedback Coaching Requirement:

Basics of Biofeedback Correspondence Course

Professional Ethics Correspondence Course

Informed Consent Correspondence Course

Biofeedback Coaching Course (runs every 2 - 3 months) Contact us for info on the next class.

"How To Create a Niche Market for Your Practice" 2 ceu class - a $59 value!!!

(Cost $420) for the coaching course, click Here.

To sign up for the Coaching Course contact us at 773-673-1075 or 630-400-4277


Step 3

Apply for your Biofeedback Technician Certificate with the Natural Therapies Certification Board (Cost $65)


Step 4

Once you receive your Biofeedback Technician Certificate apply for your Liability Insurance with Lockton Health at


Step 5

Sign up for your Anatomy/Physiology Course, Click Here (Cost $249)


Step 6

Sign up for the 500 hour Internship Supervision, Click Here (Cost $300)


Step 7

Sign up for the Intermediate/Advanced Course, Click Here (Cost $350)


Step 8

Apply for your Biofeedback Specialist Test by contacting us (Cost $200)