Mastering the LIFE System


This course is based on our 12 years' combined experience and knowledge of the LIFE System. Over the past few years practitioners have asked if they can visit and learn from us. Instead, we have come up with a monthly 90-minute "Mastering the LIFE System" course for those of you that are looking to become more confident and successful in your Biofeedback practice. We know our vast knowledge and experience will give you what you need to reach new levels of success! We believe this is the best way to share our success with you!  Also, if you miss a class, we record each call so we can send you the link to listen to at your own leisure.  This ensures you meet your yearly 20 CEU Specialist requirement! 


2 CEU's per month


Date: The 2nd Wednesday of each month


Course Length: 90 minutes


Cost: $47 per month (1 year $564 and your yearly 20 CEU Specialist requirement is met!) A 10% discount will be offered for your 12 month prepayment ($508.00)

For payments, you must register by calling 630.400.4277


EVERY month we will do an "Intentional Live Session" exemplifying some of the following teachings:


  •  The underlying stressors Miasms

  • Compatibility Testing - products, locations, other people

  • How emotions feed dis-ease (this needs addressing first), and the digestive connection

  • "Mastering" your client's commitment to biofeedback = healthy habits and building wellness

  • Creating excitement for "everything"............

  • Setting intention - ours and our clients for their healing. We do NOT heal, the body does. Flu
      symptoms = healing crisis.

  • Understanding how others' fields affect our energy field. Ex: vaccinosis, sexually related issues,

  • Sending the clients session home.

  • Biofeedback is the road map when working with other practitioners.

  • These are just a few of the topics we will begin with.


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